Lost in translation?

The Gabriola FAC helpfully collected a number of quotes from Transportation Minister Todd Stone’s media conference about that report on proposed economic efficiencies for BC Ferries. It’s astonishing how ambiguous what he said actually is; it’s almost like he was being purposefully vague. You can interpret these statements in so many ways!

So we couldn’t resist annotating with our own personal translations.

“There is no appetite within government to see BC Ferries cancel that run.” [Between Horseshoe Bay and Departure Bay.]

Hey, I hate brussel sprouts, I have no interest in eating them… but when I got really hungry that one time and they were served with all that butter and garlic, I thought they were great!

“This government has no interest in supporting or encouraging BC Ferries to launch a passenger only service from Nanaimo to the Lower Mainland.”

We’d much rather hand off that service to the private sector.

“We’re going to make sure, working with BC Ferries, that the service levels that are required to meet the needs of the people of Nanaimo and the mid island, and folks on the lower mainland side, that those needs are met. At this point no recommendations from BC Ferries have been put on my desk.”

And once they are, we’re going to rip the fuck out of existing service levels, because we have a much better idea of your needs than you do.

“BC government has determined that this is not an issue that we would like to push through at this time. I have decided on behalf of government to officially rule out any consolidation of the two terminals in Nanaimo.”

But at another time, of course…


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