Nanaimo Council worried about Gabriola bridge

We’re concerned about how a bridge would devastate Gabriola Island and Mudge Island, but we’ve also wondered where a bridge would go on the Nanaimo side of the water, and whether Nanaimo residents would want a bridge going through their parks and open spaces.

The Nanaimo Daily News article indicates that there is concern about this: Gabriola bridge idea raises city concerns.

Nanaimo council has backed Mayor Bill McKay to write a letter to the provincial government and BC Ferries demanding the city be consulted on any Gabriola bridge proposal near the city’s Cable Bay trail. (…)

Well, yes. Good luck with that. This doesn’t seem like the kind of government that is eager to consult, now, does it? But we can hope, I guess.

It also stated that there be “no encroachment on, near or over” the trail by a bridge.

The Cable Bay trail is a forested , two-kilometre stretch of path that winds down to the oceanfront overlooking Gabriola Island and back towards the city’s harbour.

And it’s beautiful, and the mayor doesn’t want it destroyed for a bridge. Very sensible.

The Nanaimo mayor doesn’t want to lose beautiful land to a bridge. Neither do we.


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