RDN requests study regarding a bridge to Gabriola

A bridge to Gabriola? The RDN has some concerns about that. There’s bit a bit of back-and-forth on what the RDN should say to the province about the matter. Now we’ve learned that they will send a letter to Todd Stone about the bridge idea after all. They’re requesting that a socio-economic study be done, to get an idea of what the impact will be if the government builds a bridge between Gabriola and Nanaimo.

The Nanaimo Daily News reports: Regional district requests study regarding a bridge.

The district’s board of directors decided to send the letter this week after a motion by Howard Houle, the RDN’s director for Area B, which includes Gabriola, Mudge and DeCourcy islands.

Houle had asked the board to support the letter after Stone’s ministry recently awarded a $200,000 contract to CH2M Hill Canada Limited to conduct a feasibility study of a fixed link to Gabriola between the island and Joan Point Park, near the city’s Cable Bay trail which is located in the Cedar area. (…)

He said he is concerned about the possible impacts on Gabriola Island businesses if a bridge is built, as well as the bridge’s implications for Mudge Island which would see a new and busy road run through the middle of the quiet island that could lead to lower land values for property owners.

We’re concerned about those things too, Howard.


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