This is a blog expressing the personal opinions of a group of Gabriola residents. We are not an organization and we do not solicit members.

We believe that a bridge connecting Gabriola to Vancouver Island is a bad idea. The purpose of this blog is to communicate interesting, pertinent information relating to our perspectives about the subject, plus our opinions, on an on-going basis.

If you agree with our position, we’d love to hear your reasons for thinking that a bridge to Gabriola is a bad idea; please have your say on the your comments page if you’d like to tell the community why you don’t want a bridge to Gabriola.

Finally, yes, we use pseudonyms and no, we do not give interviews. Our reasons for doing so are our own. We will simply note that there are many good reasons for people to choose to be “anonymous” online. Instead of fussing about this, take a look at what we actually say: our words speak for themselves, and knowing our identities will not make those words more or less valid.

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Contact Bridge-Free Salish Sea

If you are looking for an activist anti-bridge organization, we recommend that you contact the newly formed Bridge-Free Salish Sea group: they want volunteers. (We are obviously in sympathy with the organization, but we are not affiliated.) Their contact information is:

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